Even the five-star design is only a fugacious visual attraction unless it is in the service of an intelligently thought out business concept. On the other hand, even the best concept is just a seductive idea until it gets its visible reflection of high artistic value in the material world. But those truly superior achievements require the third indispensable element as well: a noble purpose that goes beyond the frivolity of even the most efficient money-making machines. Somehow naturally, as if it’s innate in him, Boris Stajkovac – a doctor of medicine by profession – strictly adheres to that integrated approach in all of his various ventures, to that unbreakable trinity of a fresh idea, creativity in implementation and a humane mission as the most important source of inspiration in all stages of the project.


His passion for design and construction (of both material and thought structures) is reflected in everything he has accomplished: from interior design and publishing of the original books and magazines for children, through the humanitarian campaigns for the reconstruction of children’s hospitals and institutions for children without parental care to development of his own billboard network, building of Irish pubs and revival of one national TV station. Bringing together of different styles, shapes, colors and materials exudes his remarkably specific sensibility that always goes hand in hand with precision logic; by reconciling function and desires (his or his buyer’s) with inevitable financial constraints, he ultimately produces a work of art in itself and a fine example of wisely realized project objectives. 


With each accomplishment, and even more so with their multitude in a number of areas, Boris Stajkovac demonstrates his extraordinary energy and boldness to embark on completely new undertakings. What’s more, he shows the ability to achieve a success to remember at the very beginning of a such new string of projects, and even to set standards which are commonly the result of years of experience and specialization.


Keep an eye on what he will do next.


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It is with great nostalgia that Belgrade lovers of top quality home-made cakes and pastries remember of the absolutely unique 'The Wizard': a magical candy store at the top of 'Skadarlija' – an old bohemian street known also as Belgrade Montmartre. In those turbulent political times people would often paused in front of it just to enjoy in its enchanting shop window or to peep into its gorgeous interior that seemed to have teleported them one or two centuries into the past. Unfortunately, rare were the people who could afford to walk into the store and enjoy in its fabulous sweets of incomparable taste.